Belfast Courier firm gets the green message

July 06

Belfast’s most visible same-day messenger company, Captain Courier, has become one of the city’s first firms to sign up to a new green energy supply from independent supplier Energia.

The clean energy supply will save Captain Courier, which employs 11 drivers and bikers, around £100 each month on its current electricity bill.

Captain Courier founder Michael Ferguson says his firm, whose slogan is “Captain Courier - From here to Finaghy” has been trying to reduce its carbon footprint for some time but until now could not afford the higher costs. 
“This is not just a great deal for us financially but by using green energy we can now achieve our objective to be the greenest rapid courier in Belfast!” says Mr Ferguson.

Energia spokesman Michael Nugent says “The cost of its energy generated by renewable and sustainable sources is being cut to help small businesses enter the market. 

“We are delighted to be able to supply electricity at up to 15% less than current prices to customers and to introduce more competition into the market. Although the market has been open to small businesses for several years efforts to make green energy affordable and commercially competitive in relation to conventionally generated electricity have been slow to date. Nonetheless, now is the right time to switch and small businesses who want cheaper electricity which is also green are now coming on board.”

A survey conducted by Energia among small businesses in Ireland reveals that commercial operations are increasingly relying on their green credentials to remain competitive.

“Green energy was previously looked upon as something only wealthy large employers and the public sector could take on but the significant price reductions and subsequent savings mean we expect a high take up from Northern Ireland businesses,” says Mr Nugent.

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