Derry bistro adds green energy to the menu

August 17

Popular Londonderry bistro, Fitzroy’s, has become one of the first hospitality businesses in the city to sign up to a new green energy deal, from independent energy supplier, Energia.

The renewable energy package will see Fitzroy’s electricity costs reduced by up to 15%. 

Manager at Fitzroy’s, Lorraine Ferry highlighted the benefits of the package, “In the current economic climate reducing energy costs is extremely beneficial, particularly to small businesses like Fitzroy’s, as electricity is a major expense.” 
“The new tariff has made renewable energy sources accessible and therefore enabled us to improve our green credentials, by reducing the bistro’s carbon footprint,” said Lorraine.

Energia spokesman Michael Nugent says the costs of its energy generated by renewable and sustainable sources is being cut to help small businesses enter the market. 

“We are delighted to be able to supply electricity at up to 15% less than current prices to customers and to introduce more competition into the market. Although the market has been open to small businesses for several years efforts to make green energy affordable and commercially competitive in relation to conventionally generated electricity have been slow to date. Nonetheless, now is the right time to switch and small businesses who want cheaper electricity which is also green are coming on board.”

“Green energy was previously looked upon as something only wealthy large businesses and the public sector could take on but the significant price reductions and subsequent savings mean we expect a high uptake from Northern Ireland businesses,” says Mr Nugent.

Energia says businesses can choose from two switching methods: by calling the customer helpline 0845 070 1789 armed with the latest electricity bill, bank details and current meter reading; or by getting an Energia agent to come out and do this instead.

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