Energia serves up 15% savings on energy

August 24

Sax on the Street a popular restaurant in Gilford has signed up to a new energy deal from Energia, the largest independent energy supplier on the island of Ireland.

Switching to Energia is set to save the restaurant up to 15% on its electricity costs and also enable the restaurant to improve its green credentials, as the electricity supply is generated from a renewable energy source.

Gareth Murphy, Manager of Sax on the Street explained the decision to switch to Energia, “The new energy supply deal was a fantastic opportunity for the restaurant as it’s saving us money on electricity costs while also enabling us to take action in reducing the restaurants carbon footprint, which is an important issue for consumers.”

“The deal was so good that our sister restaurant and bar, Mill St also located in Gilford has switched to Energia’s new renewable tariff as well,” said Mr Murphy.

Spokesperson at Energia, Michael Nugent reinforced Energia’s commitment to making green energy available to smaller businesses, “We have been able to reduce business energy costs sometimes by up to 15% and with over 45,000 business customers throughout Ireland we have a good track record. Energia’s new green tariff is opening the renewable energy market to smaller organisations, who previously believed the cost of green energy supply was too expensive.” 

Mr Nugent continues, “The renewable energy deal has enabled customers signing up to remain competitive on costs and demonstrate their green credentials, as more consumers focus on the environmental impact made by companies large and small.”   

Any business in the area can easily switch to Energia as there are no new wires or meters, just a phone call. To switch choose from two switching methods: by getting an Energia agent to come out and complete the formalities (9045 9070) or by calling the customer helpline 0845 0701789 armed with the latest electricity bill, bank details and current meter reading

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