Bogart measure up with renewable energy deal

April 16

Established for over 30 years in Ann Street Belfast, the Bogart chain also comprises a store in Newry and a recently opened flagship store in Belfast City Centre.

Managing Director John Keenan says the energy deal has made a significant difference to the company’s electricity osts.

“Over the last thirty years we have seen energy costs rise and as a business we are constantly seeking value for money for our energy supply. With this energy deal all three of our stores will benefit from reduced electricity costs of up to 15%, which is something all retailers would welcome given the turbulent year the industry has come through.”

 “In addition to the savings we were also keen to switch to Energia’s green energy supply as the lower carbon emissions will greatly reduce the impact our stores have on the environment.” 

Explaining the benefits of the deal Energia’s spokesman Michael Ringland said,

“With 50,000 customers Energia has a 25% market share of the business electricity market on an all–island basis. This figure is growing as an increasing number of organisations take the opportunity to save up to 15% on their electricity costs by switching to Energia. Many companies that previously hadn’t been able to move into the renewable energy market are now not only using green energy but are also paying less on electricity costs.”

For any business wanting to switch supplier the process is very simple. With one phone call (90730159) an Energia agent can come to your organisation and complete the formalities or call the customer helpline, 0845 0701789 armed with the latest electricity bill, bank details and current meter reading.

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