Energia Teams sparkle in Tag Rugby

July 16

The 2010 season has been a roaring success for Energia in Belfast with The Killer Watt’s winning Mixed Social Grade B1 and The Bright Sparks winning their Plate Final.

This superb performance means the Killer Watt’s are on their way to the All Ireland Finals of IRFU Bud Light Tag Tourney

The Corporate Tag rugby tournament has been running since 2005 and Energia teams have succeeded in winning league after league and cups almost every year. The success of the teams has been founded on teamwork - with playing in the mixed category everyone can have a go!

The Killer Watts have fared well every year starting in League ‘D’ and after topping the Leagues in 2005, 07 and 2010 will be playing in the ‘A’ league next year.

In total 9 games were played this year, winning 8 and narrowly losing just one league game. A memorable performance ensued in the Final against Tag A Roos with a 26-11 victory.

The Killer Watts have now qualified to play in the All Ireland series which takes place on Saturday, 7th August at Suttonians RFC, Dublin.

The Bright Sparks, playing in the Thursday ‘C’ League acquitted themselves well, if inexperienced, and had a magnificent victory in the Plate Final.  This bodes well for next season where the tricks of the game can be exploited

The Energia Power Chiefs didn’t manage the success of their colleagues but taking the schools ethos into account – everyone gets a medal!

Good luck to The Killer Watt’s representing Ireland's leading independent power supplier in the All Ireland Finals.

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