Green energy provides prestige

June 15

Property Manager Angela Gilchrist said the company wanted to enhance its green credentials by changing to a renewable electricity supply, “Reducing carbon emissions and making our Head Quarters more energy efficient were key goals for us.

With Energia’s green energy tariff we have successfully reduced our monthly electricity costs by nearly 15% and have also lowered carbon emissions. In addition to this Energia provided advice on measures to improve energy efficiency, meaning we are now using less electricity.”  

Energia Spokesperson Michael Ringland commented that increasing numbers of businesses throughout Ireland are realising the benefits of renewable energy, “Energia is continuing to expand its 25% market share of the business electricity market by providing outstanding customer service and reduced costs to business customers. With 220MW of renewable energy available we can offer organisations competitive prices and reduce the impact of their electricity use on the environment.”

More information about Energia is available at To see if your organisation could benefit from renewable energy contact the customer helpline on, 0845 0701789 with your most recent electricity bill, bank details and current meter reading or call 028 9073 0159 for an agent to visit your organisation.

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