Ladbrokes beat the odds with 10% savings on energy with Energia

March 19

Ladbrokes, Ireland's biggest betting and gaming company, have signed a major new green power deal with leading independent energy suppliers Energia.

Energia will supply green electricity from their portfolio of renewable power to 240 of Ladbrokes shops and offices around Ireland. Energia will also provide Ladbrokes with energy efficiency training.

The new deal will see Energia supplying over 5.8 Gigawatt Hour (GwH) of “green” electicity to Ladbrokes. The electricity will come from Energia’s 220MW portfolio of renewable electricity generation.

The use of renewable electricity in the new deal instead of conventional power will lead to a reduction of 3,200 tonnes in the amount of CO2 produced during each year of the deal.. 

Ladbrokes area managers will also be receiving energy efficiency training from Energia with a view to further reducing their energy costs. Energia have carried out a number of energy audits on Ladbrokes branches and have devised a template for energy efficiency for best practice across the group’s outlets. The purpose of the training is to help the company develop and implement their own energy management systems, helping them cut their energy bills (and also their CO2 emissions) by 10%. By reducing their usage by 10%, the company will further reduce their CO2 emissions by approximately 320 tonnes per annum.

Commenting on the deal, Hayley O’Connor, Ladbrokes commented: “Ladbrokes are delighted to have signed this new green energy deal with Energia. It’s great news for the environment and for our finances.”

John King, Energia commented: “Energia has built up one of Ireland’s largest portfolios of renewable energy. This allows us to offer Irish businesses green power in very competitively priced energy packages that significantly benefits the environment and their cost base.”

“Energia has also developed considerable expertise in the area of energy efficiency training. Ladbrokes are among the large numbers of clients we’ve supplied with the knowledge and tools through which they can both save money, through reduced energy consumption, and also reduce their carbon emissions.”

Through its renewable energy portfolio, Energia is eliminating almost 350,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year from the Irish atmosphere – the equivalent of removing the emissions of over 165,000 1400cc cars from our roads.   In this way, Energia’s operations make a very strong contribution to carbon reduction by its electricity customers.  These figures will increase significantly in the years ahead as further green projects come on stream.

The company is a leading all-island player in the provision of renewable power. They have consistently been one of the largest investors in the renewable sector. Following initial wind farm investments in 2003 in Derry, Energia committed a significant €650 million in 2006 to support the development of over 165MW of wind farms throughout Ireland. Energia currently has call on over 220MW of wind power and a further 400MW in development over the next three years.

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