Major savings for Mourne seafood Bar with 'Green'energy deal

March 04

With restaurants located in Newcastle, Dundrum and the heart of Belfast City Centre, Mourne Seafood is aiming to significantly lower the amount it spends on energy as owner Andy Rea explains

“As with any restaurant, Mourne Seafood’s electricity costs are one of our largest outgoings due to long opening hours and a busy kitchen. I was thrilled to achieve savings of up to 15% simply by changing to Energia’s renewable energy tariff.”

Spokesman for Energia Michael Nugent said, “We are continuing to add new business customers across Northern Ireland as companies recognise the huge savings they can achieve with our competitive offering.”  

Mr Nugent continues, “Through this tariff we are also enabling SME’s like Mourne Seafood Bar to enter the renewable energy market for the first time. Energia has 220MW of renewable electricity capacity contracted within its energy portfolio and local companies now have the opportunity to utilise this to reduce carbon emissions while also lowering their electricity bills.”

For any business wanting to switch supplier the process is very simple. With one phone call (9073 0159) an Energia agent can come to your organisation and complete the formalities or call the customer helpline, 0845 0701789 armed with the latest electricity bill, bank details and current meter reading.

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