NI firms to cut CO2 emissions

June 02

Northern Ireland energy company Energia, whose energy efficiency scheme has saved £34million for Northern Ireland businesses, is launching their 2010/11 scheme.

The energy efficiency scheme for commercial premises is approved by the energy regulator NIAUR and assisted by the Energy Savings Trust (EST).

Tom Gillen, Energia chief operating officer, says the scheme could achieve cuts in some businesses energy bills of over £200,000,

“We introduced schemes based around energy efficiency lighting in 2005 and then developed with technologies beyond lighting to include variable speed drives (VSDs), heat recovery devices, sonic leak detection and refrigeration,” says Mr Gillen.

“There is now a great opportunity for businesses to cut their overheads significantly through the use of grants which will cover at least 20% of the investment,” he says. “Belfast International Airport and Camden Frames have introduced variable speed drives and combined have cut over 1M KWhrs of their bills while Montupet and Curley’s supermarkets progressed from lighting schemes to VSDs and refrigeration heat recovery technology while insulation manufacturer Springvale EPS installed VSDs to improve its energy efficiency. Most recently Coca Cola installed an extensive lighting scheme with energy savings touching 75%.”

Energia’s new energy efficiency programme will support a range of schemes that will deliver projects with a total capital expenditure of up to £1m. Mr Gillen says savings made through these projects mean the equipment will have paid for itself within two years of installation in most businesses. The grants available from Energia’s new energy efficiency scheme can provide businesses with High Bay lighting, PLOR lighting, Sonic Leak Detection, Hy save refrigeration, Variable Speed Drives and Variable Speed Compressors.

The original scheme reduced CO2 emissions by 80,000 tonnes and the company hopes to achieve similar reduction in emissions through the new energy efficiency scheme for commercial premises.

For further information on this year's schemes email [email protected]

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