NI yogurt producer savours savings

February 12

The factory which produces Clandeboye Estate Yoghurt, sold in over 50 stores across Northern Ireland, will now run on green energy following the signing of an energy supply contract with Energia.

Food Business Manager for Clandeboye Estate Yoghurt, Bryan Boggs explained the company’s reasons for changing to renewable energy,

“The success of our product comes from the milk produced by the prize winning Holstein and Jersey cows owned by Lady Dufferin at the Clandeboye Estate Dairy. We take great pride in the fact that ours is the only cow’s milk yoghurt, currently made in Northern Ireland and we want to respect the countryside in which it is produced by using green energy.”

“We didn’t hesitate to sign up to this contract as Energia’s green energy tariff, means we’re making significant savings everyday on our electricity costs. As the company produces approximately 1million pots of yoghurt annually, it’s good to know that with this contract we’re reducing the impact of our electricity usage on the environment.”

Michael Nugent from Energia explained the benefits of the green energy tariff,

“Energia has been operating for ten years and is continuing to deliver excellent energy savings to customers in Northern Ireland with up to 15% off electricity costs through the green energy tariff. This energy contract has the added benefit that the electricity is produced by wind turbines, enabling organisations like Clandeboye Estate Yoghurt to improve their environmental impact, through reduced carbon emissions.”

For any business wanting to switch supplier the process is very simple. With one phone call an Energia agent can come to your organisation and complete the formalities (07795504689) or call the customer helpline, 0845 0701789 armed with the latest electricity bill, bank details and current meter reading.

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