Record Number of Council’s Switch to Energia

July 29

A record 27 local authorities have switched to leading independent energy provider Energia for their unmetered electricity supply since this market was opened last year.

Since the unmetered electricity market was opened to competition over a year ago, twenty seven local authorities have switched to Energia, including Dublin City Council, Cork City Council, Laois County Council, Louth, Carlow County Council, Kilkenny County Council, Monaghan County Council, Wexford County Council and Wicklow County Council.

The unmetered electricity supply market covers an important number of local authority services such as public lighting. It differs from the conventional energy market by the fact that no meter is used to record the energy units consumed. Companies wishing to compete in this market require authorisation from the CER. Up to May 2009, ESB was the only supplier licensed to operate in this market.

Energia was the first independent power provider to be awarded a licence and this allows unmetered electricity users, such as local authorities and state agencies, to avail of Energia’s competitive energy offerings and significant discounts. Dublin City Council for example will save around €300k in their deal.*       

Energia has also concluded a number of major “Green Power” deals for conventional metered electricity supply with leading local authorities throughout Ireland, including Waterford City Council, Wexford County Council, Waterford County Council and Cork City Council.
The “Green Power” will be sourced from Energia’s extensive network of wind power facilities across Ireland. Energia has 220MW of operational renewable electricity capacity contracted within its energy portfolio, with a further 400MW of wind farm projects currently in development. These include facilities in Sligo, Donegal, Tyrone, Tipperary, Kerry and Cork. 
Commenting on the deal, Gary Ryan, Sales and Marketing Director, Energia said: “The facts speak for themselves – over 27 local authorities have moved to Energia to save on the cost of their unmetered electricity supply. Energia’s decision to start competing in the unmetered electricity market was based on our aim of widening our competitive power offerings to all parts of the unmetered electricity market”

“The notable savings that we can offer local authorities on unmetered electricity costs are undoubtedly good news, given the considerable pressure that their budgets are under in the current economic environment.”  

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