Savings on the Menu at Café Sol

November 01

Café Sol have signed a major new electricity deal with leading independent energy suppliers Energia.

Energia will supply Café Sol with 780 000 Kilowatt hours of electricity each year. This will go to power the group’s 13 cafes and 2 offices in Dublin. In total, the deal is estimated to be worth €130,000 annually.

Commenting on the deal, David Pfeiffer, Café Sol commented: “Competitiveness is key to every business in Ireland. Helping to keep our costs as competitive as possible helps our business. We’re delighted that by switching to Energia we can access significant savings, while still benefitting from first class service and expertise.”

Alan Mulcahy, Energia commented: “Café Sol are the latest Irish business to recognise that switching to Energia for electricity, or gas, means real cost savings. Well over 50,000 other Irish businesses have made a similar switch to Energia.”

Energia sources conventional power from the Group’s power stations in north Dublin, where the company has invested €500 million in the capability to supply up to 17% of electricity requirements on an all-island basis.

Energia has a 25% market share of the business electricity market on an all–island basis with over 50,000 customers.  The company also supplies one third of all gas consumed in Ireland by the country’s largest industrial and commercial gas users.

Energia is Ireland’s leading competitive energy provider. The company has offices in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Belfast and Omagh.

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