Thornton’s Recycling switch

February 26

Thornton's Recycling are to switch to Ireland's leading independent energy firm Energia in a major new €500,000 green power deal.

The new deal will see Energia supplying over 1 Gigawatt Hour (GWh) of “green power” to Thornton’s Recycling each year. This represents the amount of energy used in a year by 215 houses. The green electricity will go to power Thornton’s eight recycling facilities in Dublin, Meath and Kildare . The electricity will come from Energia’s 220MW portfolio of renewable electricity generation.

The use of renewable electricity in the new deal, instead of conventional power, will lead to reduction of 564 tonnes in the amount of CO2 produced during each year of the deal.

Thornton’s Recycling as part of their integrated management system have an environmental target is to reduce energy consumption at  by 10% through improved staff operational procedures throughout all its sites. Reductions in power usage will be measured by the installation of a computerised energy cost management system. 

Commenting on the deal, Gary Brady, Managing Director of Thornton’s Recycling commented:  “Our switch to Energia to supply us with 1 gigawatt hour of green power each year is in keeping with our strong commitment to environmental responsibility. Thornton’s Recycling has been a leader in the field of sustainability and so it makes perfect sense to move to Ireland’s leading independent energy supplier for green power”

Gary Ryan of Energia commented: “We’re delighted to have signed this major new green energy deal with Thornton’s Recycling. Energia’s green power offering provides Irish businesses with competitively priced energy packages and power from renewable resources, which significantly benefits the environment.”

“Thornton’s Recycling are by their nature driven by a strong commitment to sustainability, and Energia is delighted that our significant renewable electricity portfolio can support this green agenda.“

“Energia has also developed considerable expertise in the area of energy efficiency training. We have provided large numbers of clients with the knowledge and tools through which they can both save money, through reduced energy consumption, and also reduce their carbon emissions.”

Energia has 220MW of renewable electricity capacity contracted within its energy portfolio, the majority of which is operational with a further 400MW of wind farm projects currently in development across Ireland.  The company also supplies a major portion of all gas consumed in Ireland by large industrial and commercial customers.

he company’s renewable portfolio is currently making a significant contribution to carbon reduction by its customers and this will increase significantly in the years ahead as further green projects come on stream.

Energia has a 25% market share of the business electricity market on an all–island basis with over 50,000 customers.   The company also supplies 20% of all gas consumed in Ireland by the country’s business gas users.

As well as being a  leading all-island player in the provision of renewable power Energia also supplies conventionally generated electricity from two major gas fired generating stations in Dublin

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