Energia power Dublin City’s traffic

September 16

Dublin City Council has renewed its €3 million electricity supply contract with leading independent energy providers Energia after a competitive tender.

Under the terms of the €3 million tender deal, Energia has been re-appointed to supply Dublin City Council’s unmetered electricity requirements. Unmetered electricity is used to power local authority services such as public lighting and traffic signal lights in Dublin City. Unmetered electricity is a big cost for Councils and Dublin City Council has recognised the savings it could make by shopping around and getting rate payers best value when it switched to Energia in 2010.

Dublin City Council is part of the growing number of local authorities switching their unmetered supply to Energia. The 27 Local Authorities, who have committed to the market changes throughout Ireland with “unmetered” electricity, include Cork City Council, Laois County Council, Carlow County Council, Kilkenny County Council, Monaghan County Council, Wexford County Council and Wicklow County Council.

Energia was the first independent energy provider to enter this market when it was opened to competition in 2009. Energia already supplies a large number of Ireland’s local authorities with green electricity.
Alan Mulcahy, Business Markets Manager, Energia commented: “Energia has built up significant expertise in the supply of unmetered electricity to Ireland’s local authorities since we entered the market two years ago. When Dublin City Council switched to Energia, they joined a long list of other local authorities who have chosen Energia based on our competitive energy offering and our comprehensive knowledge of how to meet organisations’ energy needs.

“By changing their unmetered supply to Energia, Dublin City Council started to make straightforward savings on their energy costs. We work with organisations both large and small in the public and private sectors throughout the country to deliver cost effective energy solutions that deliver real value for money.”

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