Energy supply deal with O’Dwyer's

June 25

O’Dwyer Property Management, Ireland’s leading property and facility management company, has negotiated a major new electricity deal for its clients with independent energy supplier, Energia.

The deal will see Energia supply electricity to over 40 apartment schemes managed by O’Dwyer, powering the internal and external lighting, the lifts, and other equipment within their common areas. 

Commenting on the deal, Siobhan O’Dwyer, Chairman, O’Dwyer Property Management said:
“We are always looking for new ways to improve value for our customers.  With our scale and purchasing power, we negotiate optimum terms for our clients with all suppliers.  The Energia deal is below the bulk market rate and represents real savings to our clients.  We’ve fixed the price for 12 months as a secondary benefit to protect clients against expected fluctuations in the energy market.  
It’s great news for our Owners’ Management Companies (OMCs) and property owner clients / residents.  On average, 8% - 10% of the annual service charge goes to electricity so this saving helps minimise the service charges required by our OMC’s.  Getting this kind of reduction without compromising the level of service is a great benefit to our clients in the current tough economic climate.”

Alan Mulcahy, Business Markets Manager, Energia commented: “O’Dwyer Property Management is another Irish business that has seen the value that is easily available by switching to Energia.  We are delighted to be able to offer them a very competitively priced electricity deal that benefits their clients.”

“In the 11 years that Energia has been operating in the Irish energy market we’ve consistently increased the competitiveness of the market by introducing innovative new products and packages.  Whether it’s dual-fuel gas and electricity deals, “green energy” deals, or supplying unmetered electricity to public sector bodies in Ireland, it’s easy for Irish businesses to benefit from competitive energy deals with Energia.”

Energia has 409MW of operational renewable electricity capacity contracted within its energy portfolio.  The majority of it is operational with a further 440MW of wind farm projects currently in development across Ireland.  The company also supplies a major portion of all gas consumed in Ireland by large industrial and commercial customers.

Energia has a 28% market share of the business energy and gas market on an all–island basis with over 65,000 customers.

About Energia

Energia Group comprises Energia Supply, Energia Renewables and Energia Generation.  It is Ireland’s largest independent supplier in the Irish business energy market, with a 28% market share of the business electricity and gas market on an all–island basis with over 65,000 customers.

Energia is among Ireland's leading providers of sustainable energy green with 409MW of operational renewable electricity capacity contracted within its energy portfolio, with a further 440MW of wind farm projects currently in development across Ireland.
Energia also sources conventional power from the Group’s power stations in north Dublin, where the company has invested €500 million with the capability to supply up to 17% of electricity requirements on an all-island basis.
The Group has signed a preliminary off-take agreement to purchase the electricity generated from the pioneering Wave Energy Converter being operated by US firm Ocean Energy Systems (OES) off Belmullet, Co Mayo.
Energia Group is a member of the Viridian Group and has offices in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Belfast and Omagh.

About O’Dwyer Property Management

Simply known as “The Property Managers” O’Dwyer Property Management is Ireland’s leading property and facilities management firm. With an extensive multi disciplined professional team of 50 including chartered surveyors, property managers, engineers and accountants and another 30 employed as on site personnel their portfolio valued in excess of €3 billion extends across the city of Dublin and beyond.  

The firm’s genesis was in residential property but now 25 years on the breadth and scope of the firm’s capabilities extends to the full platform of property asset management including commercial offices, retail, industrial and agricultural/development land and in the residential sector high-end, large scale, mixed-use urban developments

O’Dwyer Property Management buys more than €20 million outsourced services annually on behalf of their clients and leverages this purchasing power to ensure that their clients benefit from the best possible deals and maximum savings and operational efficiencies.

The firm’s professional credentials, scale and accredited practise methods and systems are applied to effective efficient building programs and risk free environments aimed at protecting enhancing and realising value in property, set O’Dwyer Property Management apart from its competitors. 

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