Power generators arrive in Dublin

July 09

Leading independent energy provider Energia is bringing a large number of hi-tech gas turbine operators from around the globe in Dublin this week.

The company has brought a prestigious power generation conference to Ireland for the first time.

Senior representatives from over 40 major power plants in over 23 countries are attending a key international power generation conference in Dublin from Sunday 8th July to Friday 13th July which is being hosted by Energia. Countries represented at the conference include Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, the USA, India, New Zealand, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Quatar, Russia, Chile, Argentina, Spain and Italy.

The Energia-sponsored event is bringing together users of the landmark Mitsubishi M701F Gas Turbine which powers part of Energia’s Huntstown Station. The turbine has the capacity to generate 401 megawatts of power, enough to supply 240,000 Irish homes.

The annual global conference provides operators with an opportunity to meet and network with other owners and operators of Mitsubishi’s M701F gas turbine, as well as with Mitsubishi engineers and managers.

Opening the conference, Tom Gillen, Managing Director, Energia Group, commented, “This is the first time this conference has been held in Ireland and Energia are delighted to be hosting it. Delegates will not only get a chance to exchange ideas about power generation but will also have the opportunity to explore Dublin through a series of events that have been organised for them.” 

“Energia entered the energy market in 1999, and built up a generation portfolio  of 750 MW of capacity from two gas-fired generating plants in north Dublin. We have developed a leading position in sustainable energy with over 550MW of operational renewable electricity capacity contracted in our energy portfolio and are the largest business energy supplier across Ireland. This is an attractive story to a number of international businesses who are in Dublin. I am sure the delegates will come away from this conference with a very positive view of Energia and Ireland.”

“Since entering the energy market in 1999, Energia’s parent company, Viridian Group plc, has invested a total of over €1 billion in new energy generation infrastructure in Ireland. Thanks to this investment, we operate some of the most advanced power plants on this island.”

Energia is Ireland’s leading independent energy supply company with a 28% market share of the business electricity and gas market on an all–island basis with over 65,000 customers.

Energia has offices in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Belfast and Omagh.


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