Killybegs Port boosted by Energia

January 16

Killybegs Port is receiving a new year’s boost as it starts to receive delivery of the components for 22 new wind turbines from Germany.

After shipment to Killybegs, the turbine components will be transported by road to two new wind farms being developed by leading independent energy provider Energia in Crighshane and Churchill in County Tyrone.

The large load road transport is scheduled to commence on Monday 15th January and is expected to last for around one month. Each day’s load will leave Killbegs Port, travelling along the main road towards Donegal Town. The journey from port to Donegal Town will take roughly three hours.

The final destination for the shipments will be the Crighshane and Churchhill wind farms near Killeter in County Tyrone. The combined generating capacity of the two wind farms will be a very impressive 50 megawatts, generated by a total of 22 Enercon E70 turbines.

Peter Baillie, Managing Director Energia Renewables, commented; “Energia Renewables is delighted to be once again associated with  Killybegs Port for delivery of wind turbines. Killybegs has developed a central role in the development process for renewable energy in the North West.”

“The use of Killybegs brings benefits to the wider community in the form of employment created in the port, additional accommodation and living expenditure from those working in Killybegs on the project and additional fees being paid to the port. Developing these projects requires considerable co-operation from a large number of local and national stakeholders and Energia appreciates the co-operation and assistance from all stakeholders involved.”

In total, Energia Renewables currently has over 140MW of contracted wind generation under construction and commissioning throughout Ireland within the next year which will increase its share of wind generation to around 25%.

Energia are already among Ireland's leading providers of sustainable energy green with 450MW of operational renewable electricity capacity contracted within its energy portfolio, with a further 390MW of wind farm projects currently in development across Ireland. Energia currently has 22% of wind generation throughout Ireland under contract.

Energia has a 28% market share of the Irish business electricity and gas market supplying the energy needs of over 65,000 business customers.

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