Launch of Advice Website

February 09

Minister of State for Small Business, John Perry T.D., today launched the Small Business Finance website, a joint initiative by the Irish Banking Federation (IBF) and Chambers Ireland, at an event in the National Gallery, Dublin.

Supported by additional content from sponsors Eversheds, Mazars and Energia, the Small Business Finance website is an open resource for small businesses of all backgrounds and at various stages of development on business planning and financial management.

Speaking at the event, Minister of State for Small Business, John Perry T.D, said:

Ireland’s small business sector has thrived in the past and the Small Business Finance website is a sign of our innovative and enterprising ability for the future.  Having addressed the information gap between larger business or financial organisations and the small business sector previously it is highly encouraging to see some of Ireland’s most capable businesses work together to create such a valuable resource, not just for the small businessman, but for Ireland’s overall economy. I commend those who have put such hard work into it and look forward to witnessing the rewards”.

IBF President, John Reynolds, said:

 “A common theme on the issue of small business access to bank credit is that many small businesses are not sufficiently up to speed in business planning and financial management; and that the banking sector and other professional advisers could do more to assist them in that regard.  We see this new website as very much helping to bridge that information deficit.  Banks and businesses need one another.  A viable and vibrant small business sector is very much in our interests and we are committed to doing all we can to help make that happen.”

Chambers Ireland Chief Executive, Ian Talbot, said:

“We hope that this website will facilitate information awareness, promote knowledge and confidence in users and lead in turn to the creation of opportunities and jobs.”The website content has been developed by the Irish Banking Federation and Chambers Ireland, with contribution of material from sponsors on relevant areas of expertise.

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