Energia windfarm locations

March 08

Energia has consistently been among the largest investors in the renewable sector, having invested over €200 million in the last 2 years in over 100 megawatt (MW) of wholly-owned wind farm development and supporting €1 billion of investment in 540MW of third-party wind farms to date.

In total, Energia Renewables has over 140MW of contracted wind generation under construction and commissioning throughout Ireland this year which will increase our share of the wind generation market to around 25%.

Energia’s total investment in 2011 in operational wind farms was €100m. This translates into an additional 70MW of capacity to the generation grid on the island of Ireland. This will result in the displacement of approximately 95,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

In Northern Ireland, construction on Energia Renewables 50MW Wind Farms at Crighshane and Churchhill will have 22 Enercon E70 turbines commenced in 2011.

Additional work that was commenced in 2011 will add an additional 140 MW of additional renewable capacity to our portfolio in 2012. New facilities in Donegal and Tipperary will add an extra 100 megawatts of capacity. In Donegal, we are jointly developing a 90MW extension to the Meenadreen Wind Farm with Coillte. This is the result of Energia’s commitment through 2011 to ensure the projects are delivered on time and in line with the Irish government’s plans to meet the nation’s 2020 targets for generation and CO2 emissions. In Tipperary, construction on a 9 MW wind farm at Hollyford is expected to commence construction in the first half of 2012.

Construction on Energia Renewables’ 9MW wind farm at Caherdowney, Macroom, Co Cork was also commenced in 2011. 

All of our wind farm developments bring significant benefits to the local economies, including job creation, increased rates for the local authorities and improvements to local infrastructure such as roads.

In 2011, our renewable energy portfolio resulted in the generation of 1048.9 GigaWatt hours of electricity. This resulted in the saving of 544,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2011 alone.

A list of our windfarms can be seen below:

  • Airoshin 12MW
  • Altahullion 26MW
  • Altahullion Ext 12MW
  • Arigna 5MW
  • Bawnmore 25MW
  • Caherdowney 10MW
  • Carraigcannon 20MW
  • Corkermore 10MW
  • Crighshane 32MW
  • Crocane 2MW
  • Cronalaght 2MW
  • Church Hill 18MW
  • Dromdeeveen 27MW
  • Drumlough Hill 5MW
  • Drumlough Hill Ext 10MW
  • Garves 15MW
  • Geevagh 5MW
  • Glackmore Hill 2MW
  • Glanta Commons 28MW
  • Glenough 33MW
  • Gortahile 20MW
  • Gruig 25MW
  • Killybegs 3MW
  • Lackan 6MW
  • Largan Hill 1MW
  • Lee Strand 13MW
  • Lendrums Bridge 8MW
  • Loughderryduff 8MW
  • Meenadreen 1 3MW
  • Mount Eagle 2MW
  • Muingnaminnane 15MW
  • North Tipp 3MW
  • Owenreagh 10MW
  • Pallas 38MW
  • Screggagh 18MW
  • Seltannaveeny 5MW
  • Shannagh 3MW
  • Sheeragh 5MW
  • Tullynamoyle 9MW
  • Venti 3MW


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