Lightbulb Moment | AFT Blinds


A number of years ago, I found myself under a lot of stress with my business. We had three employees and our main business was wholesaling products to the window coverings market in Dublin. Most of our competitors were much bigger than us and we struggled to compete. My business decisions revolved around what our competitors were doing and every strategy I came up with seemed to be a lost cause. I got very down, to the point that it was affecting my personal life. One morning I was driving to work and my lightbulb moment happened. I was listening to a discussion on the radio where a renowned American football coach was speaking about the secrets to his success. His words struck a chord with me. He explained how the normal course of action for a coach was to invest a lot of time looking at the opposition – their strengths and weaknesses. However, he decided to take a different approach. “I believed that if I put 100 per cent of my time and efforts into my team and focused on each player, it didn't really matter what the opposition did,” he said. Hearing this truly changed my business and my life. It was a catalyst for my decision to move into manufacturing. We have since grown the business from having a turnover of €500,000 to €2,000,000 projected for 2017. We now employ 14 staff, are growing steadily, and recently developed our own brand of products. I still feel that this is just the beginning!

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