Lightbulb Moments | Briody Bedding


One of the keys to the success of Briody Bedding in Co. Meath is the fact that we have control over our product through every stage of production and delivery. The company is very much bucking the trend that has seen so much manufacturing disappear from Ireland – we make everything on-site and distribute to all major furniture retail outlets across both the Republic and Northern Ireland. The company’s strength lies in the fact that it has control over our product from start to finish. We make the spring unit and everything else that goes into our beds, so we have control from raw material right up to delivery, and we own and operate our own transport fleet. Our Beds are 100 per cent Irish made, and we can turn orders around in a matter of hours. I suppose over the years we have had a series of lightbulb moments that have helped with our success, the two most significant ones being the decision to bring as much of the manufacturing as we could in-house, and the move to implement a sophisticated order and delivery system that is second to none. Always with an eye to the future, we are constantly developing new products for our customers.

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