Lightbulb Moments | Lipton's Clones


Our lightbulb moment dates back to December 2011 when my son Ciarán suggested that we start accepting the old Irish Punt as payment for goods in our shop, Lipton's Clones. His suggestion came about having seen a village in Northern Spain, Mugardos, re-introduce the Peseta. Fast forward to March 2012 when we introduced the 'Embrace The Punt' scheme at Lipton's. It meant that when you spent your punts in our shop you received your change in Lipton's vouchers. The initiative garnered national coverage, both on radio and in print. In light of its intitial success, in June 2012 we enrolled another 41 businesses as part of the scheme and got Clones town vouchers printed. It resulted in us receiving coverage in every national newspaper and almost every local and national radio station. I was on radio shows in Canada, the UK and Spain to mention but a few. Bert Sundström from a Swedish TV station 'shadowed' me for a day when I travelled from the Central Bank to Clones. Russia Today also ran a feature on us. There were TV stations from Switzerland, France, Germany and many more countries. If you Google 'Embrace the Punt' you'll get a glimpse of the extent of the coverage. Between 2012 and 2017, over IR£45,000 has been spent in Clones but you just couldn't buy the advertising that the town received. Many of the customers who initially spent their punts in Clones are returning ones who are now spending their euros.

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