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Do you need your gas boiler replaced?

Are you having constant issues with your boiler? Or are you finding your heating bills are high? First things to do is to have your boiler serviced, once this is completed you will know if you need a servicing or a boiler replacement. This is a step in the right direction to become more energy efficient at home.


How efficient is your heating system?


Most boilers that are over 8 years old are under 75% efficient. Our experts will install an Energia boiler - a high efficiency condensing boiler fueled by oil or gas that is over 90% efficient. This, coupled with our modern zoned heating controls, will create real savings for your home. You will also have peace of mind with our 5-year warranty.


Energia Boiler Replacement with 2 Zone Heating Controls

RRP: €5,713
Discount Price: €3,949
Energia Customer Discount Price: €3,717
All prices inclusive of VAT.

(Includes installation of a 7-day programmable digital timeclock & a wireless digital thermostat.)

How it works


If you want to know more about home boilers and heating controls fill in our enquiry form or call 0818 300 701.


A certified representative from Energia's Cosy Home Scheme will contact you to discuss your requirements.


You'll have a cosy home in no time, we'll manage the entire project including safety test and grant draw downs.

Enquire Today about your new Energia Boiler with Heating Controls

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