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Why get an Energia Gas Boiler Service:

Energia are offering a special price of €95 for our Boiler Servicing package. This is one of the most competitive prices on the Irish market providing a full service 28-point check.
A gas boiler service once a year, can ensure your boiler is running safely and efficiently.  The benefit of getting your gas boiler service are that it will be more efficient boiler can also save you money on your heating bill.

Safety First

Our Gas Boiler Servicing is carried out by RGII registered gas installers in compliance with Irish Standard I.S.813.2002 and current Health & Safety regulations.

28 Point Check includes

45 minutes of labor. Service safety check. Electrical checks. 30-day warranty on service. Boiler Efficiency Check. Find out everything included in our 28-point check service in FAQ section at the bottom of the page.

Energia Guarantee

We offer a thorough and comprehensive check on all essential components ensuring they are operating to maximum efficiency and safety.

Boiler services Terms & Conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here to help.

What is a 28-point check?

We will carry out the following tests and checks on your boiler:

  • Check boiler location (is it suitable?)
  • Check boiler for visual damage
  • Check appliance for correct operation
  • Check for correct ventilation as appropriate
  • Soundness test passed
  • Check for flue spillage where appropriate
  • Check flue condition, routing and terminal location
  • Check condensate drainage system (condensing boilers only)
  • Check appliance clearance from combustible materials
  • Cold Check Effectiveness of flue
  • Check main burner and clean as necessary
  • Check pilot burner and probes/cables and clean as necessary
  • Check heat exchanger and clean as necessary
  • Check/adjust and record main burner pressure (as per manufacturer's instructions)
  • Check operation of flame sensing control
  • Check effectiveness of flue with boiler running
  • Check for gas soundness of appliance with boiler running
  • Check for electrical isolation and correct 3-amp fuse is fitted
  • Inspect electrical wiring for damage and correct connection to appliance
  • Check operation of boiler thermostat
  • Check Operation of low water pressure control (where appropriate)
  • Check system pressure (as per manufacturer's instructions)
  • Check expansion vessel (where required)
  • Check flue guard is fitted (where required)
  • Check for flue spillage (where appropriate)
  • Check correct boiler operation including consumer controls (time clock, zone valves, thermostats)
  • Appliance conforms to I.S.813.2002
  • Boiler Combustion Efficiency Test Results

How often should I have my boiler serviced?

It is important to have your boiler serviced regularly to ensure your central heating is running efficiently and safely.  Appliance manufacturers and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) recommend that all appliances should be serviced annually.

We can also schedule a return appointment for next year and will contact you to arrange your boiler servicing when it is due.

Must I be an Energia customer to avail of this service?

Of course not.  We are more than happy to service your gas boiler if you are not a customer of ours.