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Get In The Zone with our great offer

Divide your home heating system into programmable zones and greatly reduce your energy usage. Avoid wastage and only use your hot water to independently heat the rooms you actually want heated.


Plus we have a great new offer to help you see big savings


Order today and get a multi zone system worth €1,600 for ONLY €260


By separating your hot water and radiators using this clever system you can drastically reduce your energy bills and create personal heating zones. Plus you won’t waste precious hot water heating empty rooms in summer. You can also ensure that only your hot water cylinder is heated and leave the rest switched off.

Full Control

Manage heating and hot water independently.

Save Money

The SEAI claim that switching to a smart home heating system will typically reduce your energy usage by up to 20%.

Take Back Control

This sysyem gives you more control over your heating and lets you only heat the rooms and radiators you want.

How it works


Find out more about zoned heating controls by filling in our enquiry form or calling us on 1850 300 700


A certified representative from Energia's Cosy Home Scheme will contact you to discuss your best solutions.


Energia will manage the entire project including safety test and grant drawdowns. You can sit back and relax and enjoy your new comfy home.

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Fill in our enquiry form, or call us on .1850 300 700

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