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Your Meter:

There are four main types of electric and gas meters and while there are slight differences in how each will display a reading, generally they can all be read in the same way....

Read the numbers left to right and ignore any in red.


Why should you read your meter?


An electricity or gas meter records the amount of energy your home has used, and it is therefore important that we have up to date meter readings to keep your bills accurate.

If we do not receive meter readings from you when requested, then we have to use estimate readings for billing. Therefore, providing actual meter readings to avoid estimate billing, is always best.


When should you read your electric or gas meter?


Your meter will be read four times per year by ESB Networks or Gas Networks Ireland and this information will be sent to us as your energy supplier.

Outside of these times we will ask you to read your electric or gas meter and provide us with the reading which we then use to calculate your bill.

If we do not receive a meter reading from you, we will use an estimate based on your previous energy usage.

Smart Meter Reading

If you are an electricity customer and have a Smart Meter you will no longer need to have your meter read by ESB Networks or Gas Networks Ireland as the readings are automatically sent to the network operators and shared with us. If your Smart Meter has good connectivity, then there should be no requirement for you to manually send us a meter reading. However, if you have some connectivity issues with your Smart Meter, then a meter reader may call to take a meter reading.

Smart Meter Reading

How to submit a meter reading:


Submit an electricity meter reading here.


Submit a gas meter reading here.

Standard Electronic Meter

Standard Electronic Meter

Press blue button until ‘Day’ or ‘Night’ appears. Read the numbers from left to right and ignore all figures in red and past the decimal point.

Day and Night Meter

Day and Night Meter

Take the reading from left to right. Night charges apply between midnight and 9am in the summer while in winter it is charged between 11pm and 8am. These meters may differentiate night and day by using the numbers ‘1’ and ‘2’ or ‘I’ and ‘II’ in Roman numerals.

Standard Meter

Standard Meter

Make a note of the figures from left to right, ignoring the red numbers or if they have a red box surrounding it. Also, understand that you will have two meters if you have night storage heaters.

Digital Electricity Meter

Digital Electricity Meter

Submit all figures as there are no decimal points on these types of meters.

24 hour meter: Press the blue button twice: ‘0’ appears, followed by a reading.

Day and Night Meter:

Day: press the blue button until ‘2’ appears

Night: press the blue button until ‘1’ appears.

The arrow underneath the numbers show that the installation is live.

How To Read Your Meter

Submit a meter reading:

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