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Smart Metering

What data will be collected electronically from my meter and when?

Between now and January 2021, ESB Networks will be building IT systems and a new operations centre, all necessary to support the launch of new smart services from electricity supply companies.  As explained below, we will be building more functionality as the project progresses.

September 2019 – Meter installation commences

Once installed, your new smart meter will begin to record details of your total electricity consumption every day. The meter will also record a more detailed breakdown of the electricity consumed in up to 30 minute periods.  However, this more detailed information will only leave your home if you request this to happen through your Energy supplier. If you are an Energia customer, you must make this request directly with us, from 2021 onwards.

Initially the SIM card within the smart meter will be disabled and therefore no data will be sent from your new meter. Your new meter will continue to be manually read up to four times a year by a meter reader for billing purposes.

Commencing operation and management of meters

During 2020, ESB Networks will commence connecting new meters to our secure 2G network operated by Three Ireland Ltd.  At this point your smart meter will send ESB Networks details of the energy consumed since the meter was installed as well as other non-personal data about the functioning of meter itself, no other data will be collected. Data will be collected for the following purposes:

- Establish and prove ESB Network’s new Smart Meter Operations Centre.

- Establish meter security and cyber security functions.

- Establish meter diagnostic functions including monitoring for meter tampering.

- Proving the robustness of the communications network to improve its performance as necessary.

- Establish and monitor the regularity of communications for each meter point to determine the types of smart services that can be delivered to customers.


The meter readings taken at this stage will not be used for billing and will not be shared with Energia or your other electricity supplier if you are not an Energia customer.  A meter reader will continue to call to your home to read the meter manually.

From January 2021 – Remote meter reading

From January 2021, ESB Networks will commence remote reading of meters which will significantly reduce the need to use estimates for billing purposes. The meter readings collected will be shared with Energia or your other eletricity supplier if you are not an Energia customer. This will allow us to prepare an accurate bill as they do today. There may still be occasions when remote meter readings are not able to be captured which could result in an estimated bill.

Also in 2021, Energia will start to offer new products, energy services and tariffs. If you agree a new tariff with us then your smart meter will send the necessary usage data. You can change your preference by getting in contact with Energia directly when smart services become available.

Remote meter readings will also be used to improve the final reading and billing process for those customers who change suppliers or move premises.

This information has been extracted from ESB Networks and more can be found here

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