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Our prices are changing from the 7th of October. For more details see here. Please note, you do not need to submit a meter read ahead of this date.

Prepay Meter FAQs

How does Electricity Prepayment Work?

Buying a top up

  • Take your meter card to any Payzone, Post Office or Postpoint outlet.

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  • You can top up with any amount from €5 to €100. Give the shop assistant your card and money and they will process the top up.
  • You’ll be given a receipt with your 20 digit Topup Code printed on it. You will need this when topping up your meter at home.


Topping up the meter

  • Press the * button on the keypad. The message KEYCODE will be displayed.
  • Enter your 20 digit Top-up Code as it appears on your receipt and press the # button. If you enter a digit incorrectly you can erase it by pressing *
  • Once you’ve entered the Top-up Code correctly and pressed #, it will display ACCEPTED on the screen.
  • The amount of electricity you have bought will then appear followed by the word ACCOUNT and then the total amount of credit you now have.

If you have lost your plastic card, please call us for a replacement.

Emergency Credit

When your credit reduces to €2 your meter will emit a low-volume warning sound for 2 minutes. Press 0 on your keypad to turn it off.  After you press the button to turn off the warning sound, you will automatically receive €5 Emergency Credit.

Friendly Credit

If your credit runs out after 4pm (5pm in summertime) on a weekday or anytime during the weekend, the supply will remain on until 9am (10am in the summertime) the next working day.

Your supply will also remain on until 9am the following day if the credit runs out during the following holidays; 1st January, 17th March, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, St. Stephen’s Day & 31st December.

The amount of emergency or friendly credit used will be deducted from your next top up. 

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