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Dear Customers: you’ll notice your online account has a new look and feel. We hope you like it!

  • This year we were proud to launch the Moixa Smart Battery with Solar PV trial, exclusively for Energia Innovation Club customers. Those who participated received grants from both Energia and the SEAI to benefit of a saving of up to 50%. As we roll out Phase 1 of the trial, we will be bringing this product to more interested customers in due course.
  • Most experts agree smart meters are the future of energy efficiency and Energia Innovation Club customers will be among the first to see the benefits of this exciting new technology. Smart meters will help to drive further technological advancements such as smart grids, electric vehicles, local renewable energy generation and micro generation. As part of the club, you'll be our go-to customers for feedback on testing the integration of smart meter.
  • We also have a number of smart home solutions like energy saving smart light bulbs and smart home thermostats with multi-zone heating controls. We are always adding to our newly launched Smart Home Store and our Energia Innovation Club customers will be the lucky brains who get to help us pick which products they want to see more of.