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Grow: Energia GROWBox
& 100% Green Electricity Plans

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Top things to know about Grow Dual Fuel & Electricity:

Estimated Annual Bill (Inc. VAT)
(Dual Fuel: Discounted Elec 40% / Gas 39%)
(Elec: Discounted Elec 41%)

Unit Rates (Inc. VAT)
(Discounted Elec 40%)
(Discounted Gas 39%)

Once you’ve signed up for the Energia Green Energy Grow Bundle you will receive an Energia GROWBox.

Making Sustainability Easy.

Whether you have a big garden or just a balcony, this is the perfect way to start growing your own food with this selection of easy vegetables you can grow at home.

The Energia GROWBox will contain 4 seed packs. The contents of the boxes change depending on seasonality and availability, so you will receive one of the following varieties:





All you have to do is grow it first! We know that starting to grow some of your own food can be a bit daunting, but to help you on your way we’ve created some useful resources that will help you on your growing journey.

For guides, growing resources and videos on how to start your growing journey visit Get Ireland Growing.

Some Green Facts About Energia:

  • Energia is 100% renewable & has been Ireland's Greenest Energy Supplier for the longest. Energia is proud to be the only Irish supplier that has supplied 100% renewable electricity over the last five years.
  • We are investing in Ireland. We launched our Positive Energy Investment Programme in 2019, aiming to invest €3 billion in Irish renewable energy and creating 200 jobs.
  • Energia is the Green Energy Provider Awards Winner for two years running, having picked up the winner's trophy for Green Energy Provider at the Green Energy Awards in 2019 and 2020.
  • We are in our 5th year of sponsoring Energia’s Get Ireland Growing in partnership with GIY. This annual campaign encourages community gardens and gardeners to grow their own produce and reduce waste.


Yes it's very simple to switch to Energia and it only takes 4 minutes to switch online. The information you'll need to gather beforehand is; your MPRN & GPRN (which you can locate on your bill), a current meter reading and your bank details.

Yes Energia provide personalised electricity rates, gas rates, and dual fuel plans and  to ensure you receive the best deal.
Yes, as Energia provide personalised dual fuel bundles and energy plans, we try to ensure our offers are the best in Ireland. 

There are different ways to save energy to make your bill more efficient, some examples would include; turn off appliances when not in use, buy energy efficient appliances and read Energia's blog to find out more. 

Each Energia GROWBox will include:

Seed Packs x 4:
  • Chillipepper (Basket of Fire)
  • Oriental Greens (Mixed Greens)
  • Tomato (Tumbling Tom)
  • Rocket (Wild)
  • 1 Pencil & notepad – always a good plan to jot down your sowing dates & progress 
  • 10 x Plant Labels – no, you won’t remember what’s in each pot! Always label them..
  • 8cm coir pots x 4 – for sowing some of your seeds in to
  • Compost Discs x 4 – one for each pot (they bulk out when you add water)
  • A little GIY Guide (we’ve stuffed it with loads of stuff we’ve learned about growing)

Please note contents are subject to availability and may vary by season.
When smart meters are fully operational, you will have a choice to be provided with more accurate information about energy usage across the day to allow you to better manage your bills with greater accuracy than at present. This information can also help you to make more informed choices about your consumption and tariff.
Currently, your electricity meter is manually read by ESB Networks up to four times per year. Smart Meters can remotely send your meter readings to ESB Networks. So, with smart meters, there will be no need for estimated bills.
You should receive your Energia GROWBox 2-7 business days after signing up.

Take a step forward towards a greener, more sustainable future.