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 We're reducing our home energy rates. Effective from March 1st, we're reducing our electricity rates by 7.5% and gas rates by 5%. Learn more about our price decrease here.

Why businesses choose Energia
When the need for cost efficiency in business is greater than ever, Energia are ready to provide you with a tailored business plan, price and payment option to help you make savings on your energy bills.
By opting for green energy and taking advantage of our range of energy efficiency grants, offers and smart products, your business can expediate it’s sustainability credentials and play an important part in protecting our planet.
When changing business landscapes bring uncertainty, one thing that remains constant is the service and energy we will deliver for you.

Backed by over 20 years of business energy expertise, our team of key account managers and advisors are always here for you.
What business can expect when they join Energia:
Cheapest prices
Easy online account management
Real time energy cost
Expert energy advice
Green Electricity
Regardless of size or sector we have the best business energy plan and personalised price quotation waiting for you.