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Our work with County Councils

People living in Local Authority housing often have the least energy efficient homes, meaning high energy bills for those in the worst position to be able to afford them. We work with County Councils to help combat these issues. For example, we have worked with Clare County Council since 2021 supporting the retrofit of multiple properties. 

These homes received comprehensive retrofits, taking them from a BER of D2 or worse and bringing them up to a B2. This was done by installing measures such as insulation, ventilation, heat pumps as well as upgraded windows and doors.

As seen in our case study video we have worked with Louth County Council since 2022.  As part of a wider Government programme, the Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program (EERP) launched in 2021, Louth County Council are undertaking an ambitious project to improve the energy efficiency of their tenant homes over the next several years. The number of homes included in this project has continued to rise and we helped Louth County Council retrofit a large number of properties in 2023. We were able to provide a tailor-made package of services to support the Council and their specific needs in this project. 

 Providing these professional services eased the burden and smoothed the complexities involved in this type of project, whilst also strictly maintaining the quality of the retrofits taking place. Post-retrofit, the comfort levels of these homes have increased considerably, creating a cosier environment as well as minimising mould previously noticed in the homes.

As an Energy supplier, Energia deliver energy savings measures across the country as part of our commitment to the Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (EEOS). Our team helps find, support and manage projects in the residential sector to make homes more energy efficient. This is significant work, as the residential sector accounts for roughly 25% of the energy used in Ireland as well as being responsible for 20% of energy related CO2 emissions. As a part of this, we are also dedicated to helping with the issue of Energy Poverty, by providing services and expertise to Local Authorities engaged the retrofit of their housing stock.

Energia Community Retrofits - Louth County Council

As an Energy supplier, Energia deliver energy savings measures across the country as part of our commitment to the Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (EEOS). Learn more about our work with Louth County Council.

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