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Giving you the insights your business needs

Energia Connect360 is a real time data-driven energy and environmental monitoring solution with no upfront costs. Our technology is designed to allow businesses of all sizes measure and manage a range of operational processes to maximise their energy efficiency.

Giving you the insights your business needs

Take a look at how it works

Providing previously unmeasured data

Providing previously unmeasured data

Connect360 will provide data that shows previously unmeasured areas of underperformance and inefficiency allowing you take the necessary steps to optimise the operating conditions of your business whether it’s a retail site, a portfolio of buildings or a manufacturing facility. Detailed energy and environmental insights are accessed easily within a personalised dynamic web dashboard untapping the data you need to inform Capex decisions.

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What Connect360 will do for your business

Optimises Temperature

Monitoring air conditioning to ensure it only heats or cools when required and identify overheating or overcooling.

Flatten Energy Spikes

Ensure machines only run when they’re required in line with your business schedule and spikes in energy consumption are reduced.

Smart Capex Insights

With all the energy data available you can establish meaningful baselines, and you will gain data-driven insights to inform Capex decisions.

How Connect360 saves you money

Reduced Energy Bills

Because your equipment is only running when it’s required you’ll eliminate energy waste which adds up to big annual savings.

No Upfront Costs

Connect360’s costs are spread out in your monthly energy bill making it an affordable option for your business.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Increase the lifespan of your assets and reduce their maintenance costs by ensuring equipment is running only when required.

Our range of bespoke solutions cater for businesses of all sizes

Designed for large businesses

Designed for large businesses

Our most comprehensive solution designed for large grocery and fast food outlets, property managers, LEUs and private hospitals. Access insights by installing numerous, multiple or bespoke number of monitoring points.

Designed for small retail outlets and stores

Designed for small retail outlets and stores

Ideal for small retail outlets or convenience stores. Data from up to 6 monitoring points will help you identify areas of inefficiency that may currently be overlooked. Choose from temperature, humidity, motion levels as well as mains electricity, gas and water.

Designed for smaller, single-site operational processes

Designed for smaller, single-site operational processes

Ideal for high street retail or banking Connect360 Duo has all you need to start monitoring smaller, single-site operational processes.

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