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Your business electricity or gas meter will indicate how many units of energy you have used. We then use meter readings to calculate the cost of your business electricity or gas bill.

Business electricity and gas meters are read periodically by ESB Networks and Gas Networks Ireland.

However, we recommend that business customers submit their own monthly meter reading to ensure your bill remains accurate.

How do you submit a meter reading?

There are 3 ways in which you can submit a meter reading...


Submit a meter reading in your Energia Online account
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Call us:

0818 363 744

Email us:

When contacting us to submit your meter reading you will also need your MPRN for electricity meter readings or your GPRN for gas meter readings. 

These numbers identify your business meter and can be found at the top of a recent bill.

Smart Meter reading

If your business has a Smart Meter with good connectivity your meter will automatically send your readings to the ESB Networks and you will not have to manually send us a meter reading.

If you have some connectivity issues with your business Smart Meter then a meter reader will call to take a meter reading or you may need to submit your own meter readings.
Smart Meter reading

How to read your electricity or gas meter

There are different types of business meter but typically they are all read in the same way.

(Read the numbers left to right and avoid any numbers in red or those after the decimal point).

Digital electricity meter reading

Digital electricity meter reading

Press the button a few times to locate the day/night meter readings. The 1st number you see will be the total. Supply both the day/night readings.
Gas meter reading

Gas meter reading

If your meter has dials/clocks, read the numbers from left to right. If the clock/dial hands are pointing between a number, round it down.

Still unsure how to take a meter reading?

Watch our quick video guide to meter readings for your business.
Why submit a meter reading?

We need your business electricity and gas meter readings to avoid estimated billing, ensuring your bill amount is always accurate. Your meter readings tell us how much energy your business has used since your last bill and we use this information to calculate your next bill.


How will I know what meter reading has been used to calculate  my bill?

On your bill you will see the meter readings which have been used to calculate bill and an indication of how these meter readings were obtained in the meter reading key:

  • The letters CU indicate a meter reading has been supplied by you, the customer
  • The letter E is shown when your bill has been calculated on an estimate from your previous usage
  • The letter A will appear if your meter reading has been supplied by ESB or Gas Networks Ireland

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