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5 tips to get the most out of your Energia Online account
APRIL 29 2020
Take control of your company’s energy consumption with an Energia Online account.

We’ve put together our 5 top benefits of managing your energy online, from an account that allows you to do so much more than view your latest bill.

  1. Secure & Accessible:

Access all of your company’s energy bills from the same place and keep them safe and secure with a password-protected Energy Online account. Your bills are stored online for 3 years allowing you to really track your business energy usage over time. Plus, you can check your account from anywhere, at work or on the go, by logging in from your phone, tablet or desktop.

  1. Save Time Simply:

Not only can you view your bills and track your energy usage all in the same place, you can also download your information and export it into Excel/PDF at the click of a button – making it quick and easy to add the information to your own records and use it for your own business needs.

  1. Save More Money:

It’s easy to submit your meter reading from your online account – keeping your bills accurate and avoiding any surprises! And since your bills are all in the same place, you can easily track your energy consumption and expenditure over time, helping you figure out how you might improve your business’ energy efficiency and save more money.

  1. The Greener Option:

By signing up for an online account, you’re automatically doing your bit for the environment. And when you go paperless, we’ll email you to let you know when your bills are ready to view and download online.

  1. Plan ahead for your business:

If you’re an Energia Premium customer, you’ll have access to graphs on your online account that visualize energy consumption and expenditure over the last 12 months and provide a comparison versus the previous 12 months. These graphs are much more usable than the raw data, helping you identify trends in your company’s energy habits so you can plan ahead and budget for the future.