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Beat the Peak Commercial Daily Scheme Updates for Energia Commercial Customers
JULY 18 2023
If you are an Energia commercial customer, read the article below to see if the BTPCD scheme is applicable to your business.
The Beat the Peak Commercial Daily (BTPCD) scheme put in place by ESB has been live and running since April 2023, and will be ongoing until September 2023. A winter variant of this scheme is provisionally planned to be implemented in October 2023.

The BTPCD scheme is aimed at commercial customers with QH meters and all Service Assets (SA) signed up will be asked to reduce their electricity use during the hours of 4:30pm and 9pm, Monday to Friday, with no additional CPE required.

For all customers looking to sign up to the scheme, it is important to note that it is aimed at incentivising reduction, and that there will be no penalties for non-performance. In addition, there is no minimum amount required to reduce.

Reductions are measured against a benchmark set for the SA, represented by the usage measured over the period of April – September 2022. If the SA does not agree with this benchmark, it is possible to move forward through an appeal process.

If the SA does not wish to apply themselves, Energia can apply on their behalf, but express written permission will be needed as the payments would go to Energia itself in specific this instance. SA’s that are a part of a DSU or aggregator can also participate in this scheme, but it is important to note that it will not be possible to stack the reductions payments.

It is essential to keep in mind that if the SA has hedged their energy use or has existing trade options, Energia would not recommend that they participate in this scheme as there is no mechanism for recompense on them not meeting their energy requirements.

If any further information is needed, the ESB are running online webinars on the topic. Additional information on the scheme is also available here.