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How to Get ISO 50001 Certification Using Energia Connect360
MARCH 28 2022
What is Connect360?

Connect360 is a real time, data-driven energy and environmental monitoring solution with no upfront costs. No matter the size of your business operations, Connect360 allows you to monitor a range of operational processes, which would have been previously unmeasured. By putting you in control of monitoring operational processes, allowing visibility of your facility, Connect360 helps to maximise energy efficiency and reduce energy bills.

Connect360 helps you by providing data from previously unmeasured areas, allowing you to visualise underperformance and inefficiencies. Whether your business is retail, manufacturing, industry or a portfolio of buildings, you will be able to take the necessary steps to optimise the conditions of your site.

When you first log on to Connect360, you will be provided with a personalised web dashboard that gives you a comprehensive overview of your daily, weekly & monthly energy consumption and energy costs. The various sections of this online web portal allow you to see and manage your energy consumption in real-time.

Connect360 caters for all businesses sizes and helps you reduce maintenance costs and energy bills through optimising temperatures, flattening energy spikes and delivering data-driven insights to help you make the right decisions. It also allows you to monitor the impact of decisions made and track  consumption.

What is ISO 50001 certification: ISO 50001 and Energy Management Systems

For companies that are looking to address their environmental impact and are serious about conserving resources there is ISO 50001 certification.
There are a host of major benefits to gaining certification:

  • Stakeholders in your business require it

  • Your customers demand it

  • You need to market your sustainable credentials to your customers

The development of an energy management system, such as Connect360, provides a practical way to improve energy use.

ISO 50001 provides a framework of requirements for organisations to:

  • Develop and implement a policy for more efficient use of energy

  • Set targets and objectives to meet the policy

  • Implement programmes to meet targets and objectives

  • Use data to better understand and make decisions about energy use

  • Measure the results

  • Review how well the policy works

  • Continually improve your energy management system

  • Identify your largest assets and their consumption 

The ISO 50001 standard for energy management systems can help safeguard our future by making a positive difference in the here and now.

How to use Connect360 when it comes to ISO 50001 Certification:

Connect360 is a great tool to help you track your ISO targets and to provide confidence to the assessors that you have the ability to collect meaningful, real-time data. To gather the real-time data, you can follow these simple Connect360 steps:

  1. Log on to your personalised Connect360 dashboard.

  2. Use the sustainability section to analyse the breakdown of energy usage. 

  3. Click on any data line to see further details of energy consumption and compare data sets.

  4. Once you have selected a data set, Connect360 charts your data so that it is simple to interpret and visualise.

  5. Use the activity and quality sub-menus to show environmental data.

  6. Access live information regarding the connectivity of your hardware in the profile section.

  7. Download an easy-to-read CSV file to inspect data for specific time periods.

  8. Finally, the asset management system shows if equipment is working efficiently and without interruption.  

What are the benefits of Connect360 for ISO 50001 Certification:

There are many benefits of using the Connect360 energy management system to help gain ISO 50001 certification.

Energy Reduction

Connect360 allows you to optimise the temperature of your business to avoid overheating or overcooling as you now have visibility of the temperature. It can also assist with flattening energy spikes. For example, if machinery is monitored you can investigate if they are running in line with the schedule of your business. If your machines are only running when and as required, you can eliminate energy waste and reduce your energy bills.

Improved Brand Image

Not only does implementing an energy management system help improve your brand image to make you stand out to potential investors, but it can also help you gain ISO 50001 certification. It’s not only big businesses who are making the switch to help improve their brand image, small and medium-sized businesses are starting to recognise the benefits too.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases that are generated by our actions. In business, the carbon footprint is directly connected to the energy use of your operational processes. Implementing an energy management system such as Connect360 helps measure and control energy use, thus helping to lessen the environmental impact of your business, helping you become greener.

Data Reliability

A key part of ISO certification is reliable data that is not open to manual errors. The real-time data available in Connect360 assures assessors that your data is reliable and allows easy auditing of your energy output through having access to this data at all times.

Overall, the data that Connect360 provides allows you to take the necessary steps to optimise operating conditions and energy use of your business. Whether it’s a retail site, a portfolio of buildings or a manufacturing facility; Connect360 can help your business gain ISO 50001 certification.