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Top tips for getting back to business
JULY 03 2020
Now is a time of huge change for businesses across the country.

As the lockdown draws to a close, many are working ‘round the clock to get back up and running safely and effectively. At Energia, we want to support you during this busy time with some top tips for getting back to business.

  1. Look after yourself:

We know there are so many things to juggle, organise and reorganise when you head back to work but don’t forget that your health and wellbeing always come first. Stay up to date with the latest advice from the HSE and Citizens Information to help keep you and your colleagues safe and well.

  1. Manage your energy costs:

As the power behind 50,000 happy Irish businesses, Energia offer great savings on electricity and gas rates. Did you know, you can reduce lighting costs for your business by up to 80% with a fully funded lighting upgrade and your business will benefit from a brighter working environment and a reduced carbon footprint.

  1. Apply for the Restart Grant:

Need a helping hand to reopen your small business? The government has recently launched the Restart Grant to help small businesses cover the costs of getting back up and running. You can apply now through your local authority website.

  1. Adapt your services to these strange times:

Think about what your customers want right now that you may not have offered before the pandemic. For example, many people are still nervous to eat out or shop in-store. You could give your business a boost by offering free delivery, discounts or subscription-like deals.

  1. Work more flexible hours:

While many of us can’t wait to return to the workplace, some of us are anxious about heading back into the office. Introducing more flexible hours and continuing to work from home a couple of days a week is a great way to keep everyone happy while giving employers the space they need to develop proper social distancing measures.

  1. Enjoy some “me time”:

If you’ve spent the last few months working from home, you’ve probably experienced the perks of skipping the commute, spending more time with family and (re)discovering hobbies like baking, running or reading. When you head back to the workplace, make sure you continue to carve out some “me time” or family time every day.

  1. Check in with your team:

Meet or call your colleagues regularly to catch up and see how they’re finding the “new normal” at work. Support each other and keep each other motivated as you adjust to your new work routine.

  1. Don’t forget to celebrate!

Finally you’re back! You can see your colleagues for the first time in months, grab a coffee together in your old favourite spot and take a well deserved break from video calls and screens of every kind.