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Use your downtime to upskill this May
APRIL 30 2020
This is a tough time for businesses. Things might have slowed down or your doors may be closed for now.

So, we’ve put together our 7 tips for staying productive during this downtime, helping you upskill and feel ready for when things pick up again.

  1. Upskill with Energia:

We’re partnering with the International Open Academy to offer our customers a chance to upskill during this downtime with a free online course. The following courses are on offer, all of which can be accessed through our loyalty programme, Energia Extra.

  1. Accounting and book keeping

  2. Building self confidence

  3. CPR and First aid

  4. PowerPoint

  5. Excel training


  1. Read a little every day:

Learning something new is a great way to benefit your career during a quiet period. Catch up on the latest books, articles and thought leadership in your industry to help you stay ahead and maybe even spark a few ideas for your own business. 

  1. Tidy desk, tidy mind:

Whether you’re working from the kitchen table or you’re one of the lucky ones who has their own desk, take some time out to declutter your workspace. Recycle all those papers you don’t need anymore and file away the important ones for later. You’ll save time and feel less stressed when you know where everything is.

  1. Clean your computer inside out:

Close those tabs you’ve had open for the last 6 months, organise your files and delete the screenshots that have been cluttering up your desktop. Finally give your screen, keyboard and mouse a wipe down for a complete computer cleanse. 

  1. Update your social media:

Things are changing constantly during the current crisis so it’s important to update your business’ social media pages on a regular basis, keeping your clients and customers informed about the latest developments for your business. Spending a few hours updating your LinkedIn profile can also help your business stand out and attract new clients or employees in the future.

  1. Stay in touch:

Pick up the phone or schedule a video call to check in with your colleagues – past and present – to see how they’re getting on. We’re all seeing a lot less of each other at the moment but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected and keep your network alive during this difficult time.

  1. Take a step back:

We’re usually so busy with our day-to-day tasks and commitments that we don’t get the chance to step back and think about the big picture. Take a moment to ask yourself: How can I improve my business? What can I do now and in the future to make sure I’m where I want to be. Use this time to figure out what matters most to you.