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See those energy bills fall!

Energia’s Cash for Kilowatts scheme offers you a grant of up to 30% on an energy efficiency upgrade for your business. The grant is based on the annual kWh savings achieved from the upgrade and you’ll see the savings on your bills for years to come.


Reduce your business energy usage by as much as 20%

20% is a significant figure and reducing your energy bill by this amount could make a real change to your bottom line.

By identifying where you can save and implementing the measures to realise those savings, you will be well on the way to achieving optimum energy efficiency in your business. At Energia, our aim is to help businesses use energy efficiency measures to achieve greater success.

Energy Efficiency simply means using less energy to perform the same function. Reducing your energy usage is achievable. Energia is committed to providing you with the right energy solutions for your business.


Energy Saving Tips  


Approximately 50% of the heat is lost from buildings through walls, floors and ceilings. Improving this loss will result in lower energy costs.
  • Insulate, Insulate, Insulate! Ensure all external walls, roof spaces and hot water pipes are insulated and check the condition of the insulation regularly.
  • Maintaining buildings and dealing with issues around gaps and holes quickly will save energy.
  • Check regularly for damp as it may cause significant damage to insulation properties.
  • Keep the heat in! Ensure windows and doors are closed, close curtains and blinds at the end of the day in winter.
  • Improve window glazing. Double glazing is now standard and triple glazing is recommended.
    for north facing walls.



Lighting costs may be reduced by as much as 50% with simple energy efficiency measures.
  • Install low energy lighting by replacing standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps/LEDs. This uses up to 75% less energy.
  • Promote a “Switch Off” policy. Lights should be switched off or dimmed in unoccupied areas.
  • Clearly label light switches to help employees only select the lights they need.
  • Regular lighting maintenance is essential. Keep windows, skylights and light fittings clean and light levels will be maintained.
  • Ensure timers are set to match trading hours and occupancy/dimming sensors are clean and operational.

Ventilation & Air Conditioning:

Preventing unnecessary air loss reduces energy consumption and saves costs. If hot or cool air escapes
through doors, windows, the fabric of the building or the ventilation system energy is wasted.
  • Ensure ventilation and cooling systems are set correctly and consistent with the occupancy in the building.
  • Minimise the cooling requirement by reducing the amount of heat from other sources such as sunlight, equipment, artificial light and vending machines.
  • Maintaining systems is essential as energy consumption may increase with dirt collecting in air ducts, fans and components.
  • Avoid operating heating and cooling systems at the same time and set a temperature ‘dead zone’ which is a gap between the temperatures at which the heating/cooling cut in.


Heating costs may be reduced by up to 1/3 by simply maintaining appropriate temperatures and using appropriate heating equipment and controls.
  • Reducing the temperature by 1°C may cut up to 10% off your heating costs.
  • Turn heating off in unoccupied areas.
  • Take account of the outside temperature and adjust heating levels accordingly. A multi programmable switch will accommodate varying requirements during the day.
  • Location of thermostats is vital to efficiencies in heating systems. Thermostats should not be influenced by sunlight, radiators or draughts. Regular checks will ensure that they are working correctly.
  • Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) control the heat output from radiators and can contribute to savings.

What our customers say

"We have upgraded our boilers and installed a heat control system, which means we can control the heat in individual rooms. This has resulted our energy costs coming down by around 40%”‚Äč

Paul Diver
General Manager at Sandhouse Hotel

“The new LED bulbs have resulted in 80% power savings. We reduced our energy bills by €65,000 annually and we also reduced our carbon footprint by 490 tonnes”

Simon Mooney
General Manager at Moyvalley Hotel

"We would expect that our costs for energy on lighting will be reduced by about 60% to 80%. We've already seen that being delivered in probably 15 of our branches that have been converted already. It does pay to make this investment."

Eddie Ryan Sales and Marketing Director
Advance Pitstop

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