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Wind Powered Energy

We are committed to investing in renewable energy sources

Energia is fully committed to investing in renewable energy sources i.e. wind energy. Substantial investment over the last number of years has resulted in 23% of Ireland’s wind power now being provided through Energia. This is via self-owned wind farms and from Power Purchase Agreements.

Construction of Energia's Windfarm at Hollyford Co.Tipperary

Harnessing natural power

Renewable Energy and wind energy in particular is inherently sustainable; i.e. using it does not have an ongoing negative impact on life in the future. It has a number of key advantages over conventional means of electricity generation:

  • It involves very low emissions of "greenhouse gases"
  • The fuel supplies will not run out
  • The fuel is free and indigenous- it is not subject to fuel price variations and does not have to be imported


Ireland is one of the windiest places in Western Europe and has a tremendous potential for wind energy. Wind power can make an important contribution to Ireland's energy policy objectives of securing diverse and sustainable supplies of energy at competitive prices. Energia supplies green electricity to its customers from a range of wind farm contracts, in addition to conventional supply from Energia Group's two major gas fired generating stations in Dublin. Energia has 550MW of operational renewable electricity capacity contracted within its renewable energy portfolio. This portfolio includes power from our own wind farms or from Power Purchase Agreements where we agree to buy the power from the wind farm thus securing the funding for its development. Energia Renewables continues to have an aggressive development strategy with a further 230MW of wind farm projects currently in development across Ireland.




Energia is developing two offshore renewable energy projects off the coast of counties Waterford and Wexford. Our North Celtic Sea and South Irish Sea projects will each generate clean electricity to power the equivalent of more than 500,000 Irish homes and businesses - marking a major contribution to achieving Ireland's carbon reduction targets.
For further information, visit South Irish Sea Wind Project and North Celtic Sea Wind Project.

Our Wind farms


Find out where all our green energy is produced. Click on the map to view the location:



If you have any questions about any of our operational wind farms, development sites, or offshore projects, please contact our Community Liaison Officer by email: [email protected] or telephone +44 28 90 685992. For more information about the entire Energia Renewables portfolio visit

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