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Energia Generation

Energia has invested heavily in conventional generation

Huntstown Power Station allows Energia to generate up to 20% of the total all island electricity needs. Energia has invested heavily in conventional generation, €550m, demonstrating its commitment to the Irish energy market, and has a modern, clean burning gas fired power plant at Huntstown Co. Dublin.

Energia's long term commitment is reflected in the development of the 744MW power station with enough capacity to supply 20% of the island’s electricity needs. Here are some facts and figures on Energia's generation plant:  

  • The Huntstown power plant project began in 1997.

  • Huntstown Power Company was the first truly Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Ireland.

  • Huntstown a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) plant was developed in two phases consisting of a Siemens 343 MW machine, Nov 2002, followed by a Mitsubishi 401 MW generator, Oct 2007, burning natural gas with distillate oil as a backup fuel source.

  • The combined output of the Huntstown Power Plants, Energia Generation is  744MW  and can provide up to 20% of the total electricity fed into the national grid system.