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Wind is one of Ireland’s most abundant and sustainable resources that is generating electricity for thousands of homes, businesses and communities across the country.

Wind power is making positive contributions to Ireland's energy policy objectives of securing diverse and sustainable supplies of energy at competitive prices and is crucial in delivering the targets outlined in the Climate Action Plan.

We are committed to investing and delivering energy from renewable sources with wind energy being a top priority across the Energia Group.

Wind energy with Energia
The Energia Group is proud to have 15 operational wind farms across the island of Ireland which generate over 300MW of renewable electricity.

Combined with energy from Power Purchase Agreements, Energia delivers over 23% of Ireland’s wind energy.
Wind energy with Energia

What are the benefits of wind power?
Movement to wind powered energy will deliver cleaner, greener and more cost-efficient energy which benefits everyone;
The Environment
Wind energy reduces the reliance on electricity generated from the burning of fossil fuels
The Economy
Wind energy is creating new jobs with increasing requirements for renewable energy specialists.
Everyday living
Wind energy does not emit harmful gases unlike the conventional methods of electricity generation
How is the wind used to generate energy?
Wind farms housing multiple wind turbines are positioned in exposed areas such as hilly, mountainous, or offshore locations to capture high volumes of wind.

The power of the wind forces the blades of each wind turbine to rotate and as the blades move, they create kinetic energy. This kinetic energy travels down the central nacelle of the turbine where a generator then converts it into electrical energy or electricity which is this then transferred to the grid.
How is the wind used to generate energy?
FAQs about Wind Energy