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How Does Energia Compare?

We know that most of our customers shop around and compare business electricity prices and providers. We’re confident that no other provider compares to our business electricity and gas prices. 

12 Reasons to choose Energia for Business Electricity and Gas:


We have provided our top 12 reasons to choose Energia as your energy provider, but the list of is endless on why choose Energia as your provider. Compare our prices and services to other energy providers and you won’t be disappointed with our offers. Ensure your business is being energy efficient and receiving the best prices available to save on electricity costs.


1. Ireland’s Leading Independent Business Energy Provider:


Energia is Ireland's leading independent business electricity and gas supplier.

2. High Quality Service and Customer Service:


If you compare business energy prices, Energia delivers excellent commercial electricity and gas rates and value guaranteed. We're passionate about delivering excellent customer service.

3. Suitable For Small to Medium sized Businesses (SMEs):


Nearly one third of Small to Medium sized businesses (SMEs) in Ireland have already chosen Energia as their business electricity supplier and or business gas supplier.

4. Energia one of Cheapest Electricity Providers in Ireland:


We know more than ever before that finding a cheap electricity provider is key to businesses and that's why business customers are choosing Energia.

5. Energia one of Ireland’s Preferred Energy providers:


Energia supply business electricity and gas to almost 60,000 Irish businesses.

6. Accessible Energia Online Account Management:


Energia provide a host of online tools to make running your business electricity and gas account really easy. Online account management, mobile apps and access to key information to help you keep track of your energy usage.

7. Free Energy Efficiency Advice:


We know the importance of energy efficiency to every business. Energia provide free energy efficiency advice and expertise to all customers. We also offer Energy Efficiency services such as lighting solutions and our cash for kilowatts scheme.

8. Energia Extra a Unique Loyalty Programme:


Energia provide a unique loyalty programme for all customers that not only gives access to great discounts but also gives customers the opportunity  to promtoe their own buisness offers free. See Energia Extra.


9. Part of one of Irelands Top 50 Businesses:


Energia is part of the Energia Group (formerly Viridian Group) which with an annual turnover of circa €2 Billion is one of Ireland's Top 50 Businesses. 

10. Renewable Energy Provider:


Energia is one of the only business electricity and business gas providers that supply, generate and provide renewable energy to the business market.

11. Energia continuous investment in Energy Market:


Energia has invested over €1 billion in the energy market, including €500 million in two power stations outside Dublin with capacity to provide 20% of Ireland's electricity requirements.

12. Energia focusing on Green Energy:


Energia is committed to renewable energy, investing €600 million in green energy and plans to double this amount in the next 10 years. 25% of Ireland's wind energy is provided through Energia.  


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