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Tips and tricks to increase energy efficiency for business
JUNE 30 2021
Tips and tricks to increase energy efficiency for business

Help your business shine all year round with these bright energy saving tips and tricks. Identify energy wastage and maximise the efficiency of your company’s energy system with Business Lighting Solutions and/or Connect360, smarten up your work environment with our Smart Home Store offers or utilise these positively brilliant tips and tricks to help you save:

1. Lighting the way to brilliant savings:

Use smart timers to only illuminate rooms/offices when they’re being used and take advantage of daylight to brighten and heat spaces.
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2. Bright ways to reduce heat loss:

Just a 1% reduction in thermostat settings could cut your overall heating energy usage by an astonishing 10%!

3. Smart solutions for saving:

Smart timers for programmable radiators and heating systems can promote productivity by only heating the rooms being used.
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4. Serviced machinery serves you well:

Ensure that all machinery and heating systems are working properly to avoid energy wastage.

5. Employ the power of working together:

Regularly consult employees for their energy saving suggestions and encourage them to play a central role in promoting and embracing energy awareness.

6. Switch on to switching off / Get switched on to switching off:

Switch off or return equipment to low-energy mode when not in use to see a decrease in needless energy usage.

7. The savings aren’t paper thin:

Reducing paper waste and, where possible, switching to paperless billing and a paperless workspace will result in big energy cost savings by removing the need for storage, printing and filing.

8. Easy solutions for common areas / Simple solutions for common areas

Defrosting fridges and freezers can improve their energy efficiency and switching dishwashers to eco-friendly mode will reduce both water and energy wastage.

9. Energy auditing isn’t odd:

Use Energia’s Business Lighting Solutions or an in-depth energy audit to check your company’s energy efficiency and pinpoint any areas of wastage.

10. Shine a light on water wastage:

Regularly check for damaged taps or pipes to avoid wasting water because even a small leak can have a massive negative effect on your bills.

11. Solar power’s shining through:

Commercial solar panels can help your business increase its energy efficiency, reduce wastage and, most importantly, save money.