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Solar PV Panels and Smart Batteries from Energia

Energia has launched an exclusive offer on Solar PV with a Moixa Smart Battery. This is a unique opportunity to adopt this innovative renewable energy technology. Choose from Solar PV + Battery or Solar/Battery only to suit your needs.

Why generate your own energy?

You can reduce your electricity bills and monitor your electricity usage in real-time using your personal Moixa dashboard.

Lower your carbon footprint by leading the way for positive change in our environment, by reducing the usage of harmful fossil fuels.

Energy costs are rising globally, avoid these costs by becoming proficient in creating your own green, renewable energy.

What is solar battery storage and how does it work?

The main advantage of solar battery storage is the ability to take the energy generated by Solar Panels during the day and store it to power your home in the evening and overnight. Through our relationship with Moixa, we are excited to afford Energia customers a tailored solution for your home.

So how does it work?

Solar Panels generate renewable energy during the day and this energy is used to supply electricity to your home. With energy prices generally thought to be under pressure, it makes sense to try and use as much of the electricity solar panels are producing as possible, sending it back to the grid only at desirable times. Battery storage makes this all possible. The excess energy your home is not currently using goes into charging your Moixa Smart Battery, so instead of sending the excess electricity back to the grid, you store it in a battery that can then discharge and power your appliances when the sun isn’t shining or sending it to the grid when it is beneficial to do so.

We have this product offering available in 3 different options:

1. Full Package - Smart Battery + Solar PV
2. Smart Battery only
3. Solar PV only

The benefits of Solar PV & Smart Batteries

The Solar PV Panels paired with Moixa's pioneering smart battery and energy-management software may have many benefits for you and your entire household.

  • Have greater understanding through insights and gain energy independence by generating and storing your own renewable electricity.
  • Your reduced energy consumption may lower the overall cost of your bills, keeping you in control.
  • With this smart home system, your home may be future proofed for electric vehicle charging, greener living and a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • Take advantage of day and night tariffs allowing you to charge your battery at night when it's less expensive.


Yes you can add a new Moixa Smart Battery to your Solar PV system if you already have one installed.

Solar PV, also known as Photovoltaics, uses the sun's energy and converts daylight into renewable energy. The electricity is then used in the home, which reduces your need to buy electricity from your energy supplier. When a Solar PV system produces more energy than a home needs, the extra energy is stored in your battery. Solar PV is different to Solar Thermal. Solar Thermal heats water only, whilst Solar PV provides free electricity.
Our trusted Moixa Accredited Installer will install both your Solar Panels and battery. They will firstly call to survey your home, prior to the installation.

The Moixa Smart Battery can be placed in any accessible location within 10m of the consumer unit. It is commonly installed in your cupboard under the stairs, or in a utility room. The battery is 85*60*30cm and the unit requires 10cm of space around the edge for ventilation.

The survey looks at measuring the dimensions and orientation of your home, checking your electrical configuration to determine your eligibility and assess the optimum place to install the equipment.
Solar PV Panels and the Moixa Smart Battery typically take 1-2 days to install but more time may be required dependent on the home. Exact installation times will be determined after site surveys.
You apply for your grant on the SEAI website here under ‘How to apply’.
Currently it takes up to 6 weeks for SEAI to process your application. You can track updates on your application at point 5 under the ‘How to apply’ on the SEAI website here.

Ready to take a step forward towards a greener, more sustainable future?

Register your interest for a Moixa Smart Battery and Solar PV from Energia today and our team will call you back to arrange a home survey.