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Why Energia Business Energy?
NOVEMBER 18 2019
The Power Behind Your Business Savings

100% Green Energy

At Energia, we pride ourselves in being the power behind businesses across the country and have been providing power to Irish business since 1999. Not only are we Ireland's greenest energy provider, we also own Ireland's second biggest wind farm. A massive 25% of Ireland's wind power is provided through Energia, and we also have the capacity to supply 20% of Ireland’s electricity requirements. Join over 50,000 businesses who avail of Energia’s Business Energy as we are one of the largest independent energy suppliers in Ireland.

At Energia we provide great value, industry leading online energy management tools to track monthly and yearly consumption costs, and expert customer service putting you in full control of your energy usage.


We are committed to investing in renewable energy sources


Energia is fully committed to investing in renewable energy sources and have invested €600 million in green energy and innovative projects to double wind power production. Substantial investment over the last number of years has resulted in 25% of Ireland’s wind power now being provided through Energia, via self-owned wind farms and from power purchase agreements.


Energia Bio-Energy


We’re also engaged in a wide range of projects including bio-energy, energy storage and solar energy. Through our strategic initiatives and our investments, we are decisively addressing the challenges of energy provision in a world that is grappling with climate change. Committed to a positive environmental impact, we’re constantly moving towards green sources of electricity generation, and we’ve invested €550 million in new wind farms as part of the Energia Group.


Energia Renewable Energy


We’re proud to say that we have won many awards for our green credentials where, for the past 5 years, we have provided customers with electrical energy that is 100% renewable. This year we were crowned Winners of the Green Energy Provider Award at the Green Energy Awards.

We’re now further expanding these interests by investing in offshore wind farms and solar projects which will add further to our renewable energy portfolio, creating even further sustainability throughout our business and onwards to our customer base.


Energia Lighting Solutions

See those lighting bills fall with a fully funded lighting upgrade for your business.
A fully funded lighting upgrade for your business could reduce your lighting costs by up to 80% and your business will benefit from a brighter working environment and a reduced carbon footprint. Find out more about our Lighting Solutions and contact us here.
When you switch to Energia Business Energy, we manage the entire process so it's a hassle free, no risk opportunity to secure significant cost saving. See how much you can save and get in touch with one of our business energy experts here.