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Energia is Ireland’s leading green energy supplier. We provide business energy through Wind Power, Solar PV Panels & more.

The Energia Renewables business owns and operates 277MW of wind assets and purchases electricity from 1,274MW of renewable generation capacity throughout Ireland. The Group also purchases electricity under long-term off-take Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contracts with third party renewable generators and the Group’s owned renewable assets through its Customer Solutions businesses. 

This is one of the highest volumes of green energy MW production on the island of Ireland for am electricity supplier - supplying approximately 23% of Ireland’s total wind power.

Read more about our green credentials, and how does Energia compare.


Renewable Energy Sources


If you’re looking for business electricity in Ireland, Energia provides the best source of green energy for business through our wind-powered energy and wind farms. Find out more. 

Advantages of Choosing Energia as a Renewable Energy Supplier

100% Renewable & Greenest Electricity Provider for Longest

100% Renewable & Greenest Electricity Provider for Longest

Energia is proud to be the only Irish supplier that has supplied 100% Renewable electricity over the last five years. These figures can be reviewed in the CRU's Fuel Mix Reports for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 - accessible under our Carbon Cutting Tracker below.

Investing Big in Ireland

Launched Positive Energy Investment in 2019, aiming to invest €3B in Irish renewable energy, creating 200 jobs

Investing Big in Ireland

Green Energy Supplier Awards Winner

For two years running now, Energia have picked up the Winner's Trophy for Green Energy Provider at the Green Energy Awards - 2019 and 2020.

Unique Renewable Energy Products

First energy supplier in Ireland to launch a Smart Battery with Solar PV product trial, utilising the Eirgrid infrastructure.

Unique Renewable Energy Products


What is green energy for business?

Green energy is an alternative source of electricity. It’s also known as renewable energy as it has little-to-no harmful effects on the environment. This type of energy is generated from sources such as wind, water, and sun. Here at Energia, we supply approximately 23% of Ireland’s total wind energy. 

What is wind-powered energy?

This is a type of green energy where electricity is generated using wind rather than fossil fuels such as oil and gas. Wind-powered energy is a renewable source of energy whereby wind turbines are used to convert the energy found in wind to electricity. At Energia, we operate over 22 wind farms across the country that are used to supply electricity to homes and businesses. 

How can I save money on electricity for my business?

To reduce your energy costs and save on electricity, consider switching to energy efficient lighting solutions such as LED lighting. You can also reduce heat waste by ensuring your office or building is well insulated. Switching to green alternatives not only helps you save electricity, but it also reduces the burning of fossil fuels leading to fewer carbon emissions in the environment. 

Join 58,000 happy Irish businesses with 100% Green Electricity

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