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4 Ways to Save on Electricity Costs for Your Business
JUNE 10 2020
The first step to determining how to save on electricity costs for your business is to evaluate how you are currently using it and find out ways to reduce or improve the situation.

4 ways to lower business electricity prices


1. Replace or Repair Windows

This is one of the easiest things that a business can do in order to save on electricity costs. Firstly, go around the facility and determine what type of windows and window coverings you have. If you discover that your windows leak or cause a draft, then you may need to replace them with more energy efficient and modern windows. A cheap way to lessen the problem is to coat the glass with a heat blocking type of film or to insulate them with caulking or plastic. This is a simple step to improve the saving on electricity for the business.

2. Improve Lighting Conditions in the Building

Lighting is likely to be one of the top users of electricity in your building. To save money on electricity for your business, you need to find out if you are using the most energy lighting solutions. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light emitting diodes (LED) bulbs are normally the most energy efficient types you can install.
You could add some skylights to your ceilings which will allow you to take advantage of natural light to help cut down on having to turn on electric lights. Another possible option is to install motion detectors in your shop or office that will automatically turn off lights in areas that are not in use.
Easiest of all, remind your employees to turn off lights when there is no reason to have them on. You can even put up signs that remind them to turn off lights if they leave an office or storage area, for instance.

3. Upgrade Your Heating and Cooling Systems

Another big expenditure for electricity could be heating and cooling systems. Depending on how old your units are, it could be time for them to be upgraded or replaced. Newer and more modern heating and cooling equipment is much more efficient and uses less energy than older models which can save quite a bit of cash that can be better used for other things. This may seem like a huge investment, but in the long run it will reduce your energy costs and save your company money on your electricity costs. If you use Energia as your provider you will be able to monitor your online account and see your savings.

4. Get Feedback from Employees

Encourage your employees to be vigilant when it comes to saving electricity, it is one of the easiest ways to save on electricity. You can get them to report possible issues that will cause electricity costs to rise. As an incentive, you could even make it more fun by having some sort of contest to see who could save the most energy in a quarter and offer a prize or extra day off as a reward.
All in all, there are several things that a business can do in order to save on their electricity costs such as performing a business electricity price comparison to find the best deal and by following the above suggestions you can make a good start in that direction. If you have enquiries let us know today.