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Smart Metering: Energy Efficiency for your Business
AUGUST 18 2021
Smart Metering: Energy Efficiency for your Business

The way we record electricity usage in Ireland is changing, as the smart meters roll out continues across the country to businesses as well as to private homes. These next-generation meters are going to replace the existing ones, giving you more detailed information about energy usage, helping you to save on your electricity costs.

The benefits are great for any Irish businesses, large or small. The new meters will help you track your energy usage far more accurately and on a day-to-day basis, helping you plan your energy expenditure, analyse your usage more accurately and give you the opportunity to move your consumption to different times of the day when costs are lower. Find out why you should choose Energia for Business Electricity and Gas.

Smart Electricity Meters: How it Works

Unlike older meters, where you had to read the meter and send in meter reading, smart meters communicate directly with us, giving us real-time data about your energy usage, every day. The benefit for you is that sing the display unit, or an app on your phone, you can see exactly how much energy you’re using every day, rather than having to wait for a bill.

The data is automatically sent to us once a day, usually around midnight, but you'll have the option to provide data every 30-minutes if you prefer, giving you even more accurate data on your business’s daily energy consumption.

All of this means you’ll have more information and more efficient insights into your energy usage each working day, helping you to identify areas and times when you can reduce your consumption and ultimately, save money. Learn more about the benefits of Smart Meters.

How to Request a Smart Meter?

Energia can supply and instal a smart meter for your business and depending on what plan you’re on, we can even do it free of charge.

No More Estimated Electricity Readings:

Because smart meters track your energy usage in real time, you won’t have to read your meter, send in readings or worry about estimated bills. Instead, your bill will let you track your day-to-day business energy usage, helping you budget for it more accurately.

Your Average Electricity Bill with More Information:

Because your regular monthly bills will reflect this detailed day-to-day usage, they will become 'smart' too – giving you lots of useful information on your business’s energy usage. They’ll show you year-on-year comparisons, graphs identifying where you are using more energy, along with valuable advice to help you make informed choices about your consumption and the different tariffs available.

A More Sustainable Business:

Smart meters will help your business use less energy, for example by letting you move some of your consumption to times of the day when electricity is cheaper. In doing this, they’re helping you reduce your carbon footprint. Multiply that by all the businesses in Ireland and it means we are making a positive and substantial difference to our environment.

Improved Customer Service:

The new Smart Meters will also allow your network to find and fix faults more quickly than before, so there will be fewer delays to your business supply.

Questions About Smart Meters in Ireland? Call Us!

Smart Meters are the smart move for every Irish business, large and small and at Energia, we’re here to help with any queries you have about them. Just call Customer Service on 0818 405 405 or drop us an email and we’d be delighted to discuss any aspects of Smart Metering with you. Get a quote or call us now.